Vienna International
Classic Strings
Competition & Festival

International classic strings competition for:


Three main prizes (1st, 2nd and 3rd place)
Special prizes (Jury Special Prizes, Wiener Klassiker Prize) and
Honorable Mentions Prizes will be awarded.
The winner of the Grand Prix prize (from each category) will give a live performance at the  MOZARTHAUS VIENNA on September 14th, 2023 with professional audio and video recording.

Deadline: August 13, 2023,  The results: August 19, 2023

The main purpose of the competition, besides the prizes, is the educational value. To offer musicians in training and at the beginning of their careers a platform where they can test their skills and present themselves to the audience. Culture Meeting Point Vienna (CMP Vienna_since1995), organizes the Vienna International Classic Strings Competition & Festival. We would like to welcome participants from all over the world to this exquisite event in the heart of Europe - in Vienna, a city with rich traditions, an exciting present, and a promising future as the world capital of music! To offer musicians in their training and at the beginning of their career platforms on which they can test their skills and show themselves to the audience. That is why we organize our competitions online, which allows candidates from all over the world to participate. Taking place online gives the participants a particularly large public, as the videos of all finalists are documented on our website and the award winners are announced on our social media platforms. The juries are composed of lecturers from the International Music Academy and renowned guests.

Rules and Regulations

*The competition is open to musicians of all ages and nationalities.
* The repertoire can be freely chosen. (Video links please)
* The repertoire should consist of pieces that do not exceed the maximum time limit of the group. There is no minimum term. (If short recordings, then it's possible in 1 video link.)
* The age of the applicant on August 13,  2023, will be taken into account when dividing into age groups.
* All the names of the winners will be published on our website on the dates mentioned in the announcement and on social media channels
* The official results will be on August 19, 2023, on our website and our social media Addressee.
* In each category, the jury awards 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, special jury prizes and special mentions according to the participant's score.
* When making the payment, it is imperative to indicate the full NAME of the participant and the desired which INSTRUMENT competition.
* The recording shall be taken by one camera, showing the face and hands of the musician.
* The video links should be provided directly at the time of registration, be can also be via email up until the registration deadline for the specific competition.
* By registering, participants allow the organizer to freely dispose of the photo, audio and video recordings submitted to the competition for the purpose of documentation and public relations on its website and social media.
* The judgment of the jury is final.
* All award-winning participants will receive a certificate of achievement via email. On request, we can also send you printed certificates by post.
* All winners will be presented on the official website of the online competition, as well as on the social media of the competition organization. (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube).
* Participants who have not received an award will receive a certificate of participation by e-mail on request. (at an additional ordering and shipping cost)
* Teachers and accompanying persons can also receive certificates on request. (at an additional ordering and shipping cost)
* By participating in the competition, the participants agree to the possible publication and popularization of the submitted recordings and photos for advertising purposes. The organizers of the competition reserve the right to edit and crop photos of participants for publication (advertising) on the Internet.
* Once the application fee is paid it cannot be refunded under any circumstances and candidates agree to the terms and conditions of the competition.

Prize (for each category)
1st prize live concert at Mozarthaus Vienna + certificate + photo shooting + sound and video recording.
2nd prize Invitation to the award ceremony at Mozarthaus Vienna + certificate + photo shooting.
3rd prize Invitation to the award ceremony at Mozarthaus Vienna + certificate + photo shooting.
Special prizes:
* Juri prizes Invitation to the award ceremony at Mozarthaus Vienna + certificate + photo shooting
* WienerKlassiker Prize Invitation to the award ceremony at Mozarthaus Vienna + certificate + photo shooting
* Honourable Mentions Invitation to the award ceremony at Mozarthaus Vienna + certificate + photo shooting

Category and registration fee

- Age category V : 19 years old and above (with a duration maximum of 20 minutes)- fee 55 €
- Age category IV : 15 - 18 years old (with a duration maximum of 15 minutes) - fee 55 €
- Age category III : 11 - 14 years old (with a duration of about 12 minutes) - fee 45 €
- Age category II : 8 - 10 years old (with a duration maximum of 10 minutes) - fee 45 €
- Age category I : up to 7 years old (with a duration maximum of 7 minutes) - fee 45 €
- Chamber Music: (No age limit on any ensemble configuration any instruments video up to 20 min. Per musician participation fee 30€ )


Candidates will need the following documents to register:
1- Application form >>> APPLY !
2- Passport or ID copy (with photo)
3- Biography (in English)
4- Artistic photo (with the name of the photographer)
5- Video links
6- Proof of payment of the participation fee via bank, wise or PayPal transfer. (If you are unable to pay with PayPal in your country, please contact us for an alternative transfer fee.)

Please send All documents for submission before August 13, 2023, an e-mail to 

*The participation fee is 45 €. (for category I, II, III)
*The participation fee is 55 €. (for category IV, V)
*The participation fee for the Chamber Music per musician is 30 €.

here following bank account: (all transfer and bank charges are to be covered by the applicant)    

Bank: Bank Austria UniCredit  

Name: Culture Meeting Point  

IBAN: AT96 1200 0006 0177 8103  


Address: UniCredit Bank Austria AG Rothschildplatz 1, A-1020 Vienna/AUSTRIA

via PayPal: (Please don’t forget! PAYPAL transfer charges are to be covered by the applicant)  


PayPal account:

Jury Members
Christian Schulz, Wiener Symphoniker & Richard Wagner Conservatory of Vienna
Burghard Tölke, Peter Cornelius Conservatory of the City of Mainz

The Concert and Award Ceremony is on September 14, 2023, at the Mozarthaus Vienna (Domgasse 5, A-1010 Vienna Austria).


When a city is called the "City of Music," there must be a good reason. In truth, there are many good reasons - and the historical one is only one of them. There is much evidence of the glorious role that the city of Vienna has played - and continues to play - in the history of music: Important composers were born or lived here and created their masterpieces: Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Bruckner and Mahler. Even then, Vienna was considered the "world city of music". Later there have been composers as Schönberg, Webern or Berg, who are considered „modern“ classics, whose musical home was Vienna.

Founded in 1995, the association for the promotion of cultural exchange "Culture Meeting Point" aims to promote understanding between and through cultures. The view that knowledge of culture leads to its understanding and thus to the understanding of its members has accompanied the activities of the association since 1995, which organizes festivals, cultural concerts, theatre projects, clubbing, film screenings, children's and youth projects, competitions, educational projects, readings, and exhibitions, among others.  
CMP Vienna also creates its own concert productions and develops new forms and concepts for musicians to meet children and young people. In addition to concerts, music-related workshops and lectures are an important part of their activities.