When a city is called the "City of Music," there must be a good reason. In truth, there are many good reasons - and the historical one is only one of them. There is much evidence of the glorious role that the city of Vienna has played - and continues to play - in the history of music: Important composers were born or lived here and created their masterpieces: Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Bruckner and Mahler. Even then, Vienna was considered the "world city of music". Later there have been composers as Schönberg, Webern or Berg, who are considered „modern“ classics, whose musical home was Vienna.

Founded in 1995, the association for the promotion of cultural exchange "Culture Meeting Point" aims to promote understanding between and through cultures. The view that knowledge of culture leads to its understanding and thus to the understanding of its members has accompanied the activities of the association since 1995, which organizes festivals, cultural concerts, theatre projects, clubbing, film screenings, children's and youth projects, competitions, educational projects, readings, and exhibitions, among others.  
CMP Vienna also creates its own concert productions and develops new forms and concepts for musicians to meet children and young people. In addition to concerts, music-related workshops and lectures are an important part of their activities.